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Read with me / לייו מיט מיר  

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Item: Read with me / לייו מיט מיר
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Interactive Electronic Educational Alef Beis Tutorial Game.

This electronic toy talks and teaches through an interactive Q&A session. Fused with playful melodies, the learning process is brought about to the child in a fun way!

Yiddish Language and Hugerian Chassidish Havara only

3 AAA Batteries included

4 Educational Levels & Featured Alef Beis Song

Level 1: Learn Alef Beis & Nekudos.
Object: Learn to recognize and name the Alef Beis & Nekudos.
Level 2: Find Alef Beis & Nekudos.
Object: Answer the question by pressing the correct Alef Beis or Nekude.
Level 3: Learn the Havara.
Object: Learn the havarah of osyois & nekudos combined
Level 4: Find the Havara.
Object: Answer the havara question by pressing the correct Alef Beis & Nekude

Ages 3 & Up

Game talks in Yiddish with Chassidish accent

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