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More Alef Beis Adventures with Ziggawat  

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Item: More Alef Beis Adventures with Ziggawat
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We all know that reading skills are essential. But in Ziggawa's world, reading is also super-fun! Reading is one of the most important things our children will ever learn. In this captivating series, children of all ages will enjoy a wonderful, fun-filled experience that will instill a love of reading while simultaneously honing their skills. For ages 3-4, this book offers a sweet-tasting introduction to alef-beis, with adorable animated letters, engaging drawings, and great read-aloud stories. For ages 4-5, each letter's unique shape takes center stage in an exciting adventure, helping children master the letters while learning about middos and absorbing problem-solving skills. For ages 6-7, children will delight in the absorbing plots, featuring everyday challenges and fun times, and will enrich their Hebrew vocabulary while they learn more about their lives and themselves. Written by a master educator with decades of experience in storytelling and teaching reading, the second volume of Alef-Beis Adventures with Ziggawat finds the excitement in the letters chaf through saf.

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