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An underwater shock in the depths of the ocean sends huge, destructive tsunami waves crashing over Japan's shore side cities. The entire world focuses on the events unfolding in Japan,but worry for the unfortunate wounded is not the only thing prompting them... An active nuclear reactor is severely damaged by the waves, and fear of a nuclear explosion ignites red warning lights in the capitals of the world powers. Spy satellites are shifted from their orbits and follow from up close all that transpires in the reactor, which is steadily heating up... Many relief delegations stream to the scene, but not all are there to help. Various elements recognize a golden opportunity to steal nuclear materials they've long been dreaming about... A chain of startling discoveries leads the Mossad heads to decide on a scheming, deceptive operation, in which Israeli scientist Avraham Shirazi is kidnapped by agents of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to further Iran's nuclear plan- but the results are altogether different... Many hair rising adventures await Shirazi in the cellars of the Iranian prison - and in additional stops- up until the surprising conclusion of the spellbinding plot. As in his previous books, all of them bestsellers,master writer Tzvi Aryeh Adler offers his readers a spectacular story replete with educational values and messages. Fierce faith in Hashem and staunch emunas chachamim, along with a wealth of other worthy themes, will enrich your children's world and provide them with a reading experience they have yet to encounter!

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