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The Season of Pepsi Myers  

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Item: The Season of Pepsi Myers
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For the first time, an observant Jew has the chance to be a member of a professional baseball team, and not just any baseball team. Pepsi Meyers -an 18 year old Phenom with unprecedented talent-is drafted number one in the nation, by the New York Yankees. But a life of Torah is the furthest thing from Pepsi's mind at the start of the season. Hailing from Binghamton, N.Y., he and his parents arrive in New York woefully unfamiliar with the traditions and tenets of Judaism. Providentially, they rent a house in Riverdale next door to a family with young children, whose father just happens to be the Rabbi of the local Torah Center. Pepsi's parents become enthralled with Torah and are drawn towards it. Pepsi's journey proves to be more complicated. The Season of Pepsi Meyers is an exciting, edge-of-the-seat baseball story. But along with Pepsi, the reader will discover the underlying principles of the Jewish faith, and the sweet beauty of a Torah way of life. About the Author: Abie Rotenberg needs no introduction to anyone familiar with the world of Jewish music. An accomplished composer and lyricist, he has proven to be a keen observer of human nature, with the ability to translate profound ideas into the written word. In particular, his many ballads on a variety of themes are renowned for subtly illuminating the radiance and beauty of the Jewish faith. In his debut novel, Abie combines his passion for Torah and love of baseball by introducing a compelling character. Pepsi Meyers' struggle with the conflicting allure of super-stardom and the call of timeless traditions newly discovered, is a groundbreaking amalgam of entertainment and inspiration. Born in New York City, Abie Rotenberg is the father of six children and currently resides with his wife in Toronto, Canada. Author: Rotenberg, Abie

Stock Number: 148638

Publisher: Feldheim

ISBN: 9780994840509

Binding: Hardcover

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