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The Feldman Five - #1 Underground Adventure  

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Item: The Feldman Five - #1 Underground Adventure
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"You know that house you're staying in is very old. It's said to have secret passageways leading to hidden underground rooms. Who knows what secrets are hidden there?" The children stared at Mr. Rogers in astonishment. It sounded like something out of an adventure book. Secret passageways and underground rooms? The Feldman Five, otherwise known as Yoel, Danny, Gitty, and Chani, plus Sonny, their loyal parrot, are spending summer vacation in a kosher guesthouse in the north of England. They're hoping to have an exciting summer - but boating mishaps, secret tunnels, and menacing kidnappers are a lot more than they bargained for. In this engaging new series, well-known children's author Shira Yehudit Djalilmand gives readers an adventure filled with intrigue and humor, as well as some extraordinary underground discoveries.

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