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Artscroll: Our Table by Renee Muller  

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Item: Artscroll: Our Table by Renee Muller
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In Our Table, food stylist and recipe columnist Renee Muller invites you to partake of her family's favorite dishes, each vividly presented with an art-quality full-color photo. Refreshingly simple, distinctively delicious, and crafted from common ingredients, the time-tested recipes in Our Table are sure to find a welcome place at your table - every day of the year. Through heartwarming stories and culinary wisdom, Our Table is as readable on the couch as it is useful in the kitchen. Renee will become your personal guide, walking you through subtle suggestions that turn good food into great food. Featuring Over 100 simply brilliant family-friendly kosher recipes Magnificent full-color photo for each dish Cooking insights and techniques throughout Photo-inspired food plating ideas Pesach substitutions guide Special selection of unique online video tutorials "Spectacular food - captivating stories - gorgeous photos. Renee's talent shines in all three categories - a rare feat for any cookbook author." Leah Schapira & Victoria Dwek, bestselling cookbook authors

Author: Muller, Renee

Stock Number: 150518

Publisher: Artscroll / Mesorah

ISBN: 9781422617601

Binding: Hardcover

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